Fall colors in Slovenia

Fall colors in Slovenia

Fall colors in Slovenia

In October I went a week to Slovenia to photograph my favorite theme: autumn.

First a few days in the capital Ljubljana and then 4 days with a group of fellow photographers in the North-West of Slovenia.

The majestic Slovenian Alps are part of the least known, but  according to me one of te most beautiful mountain habitats in Europe. With a height of less than 3,000 metres this location can not compete with giants like the Slovenian Alps in the other Alpine countries, but what they lack in height, offsetting them with their character. The landscape is a great mix of impressive mountain peaks, deep wooded valleys, turquoise rivers and cascading waterfalls.

Plaatje in berichtje-Slovenia-Marie-Jose-van-RijsbergenAll in all a great week and I have enjoyed it immensely.

Thanks to  Guy Edwardes, Marko Trebušak  and the rest of the fellow photographers.

Click here to see the result of this trip.

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